This Might be the End of The Bipolar Writer Blog

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I am at a real crossroads with The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Blog. First, I want to say that it has been my honor to share my experiences with Bipolar One and give a place for the mental illness community’s voices to come together in one place since 2017. Many notable mental health bloggers have used this as a platform to launch their own work, and I am honored to be that place. 

I have loved this blog and the outreach that has been amazing since day one. I never imagined that the blog would grow so much, but with all the projects that I have going on, most of my money is tied up, and I can’t pay for the next year to keep the blog alive, at least not at this juncture. My hope was to use my Buy me a Coffee site to raise the money, but I understand that many within the community struggle financially. I usually am okay with purchasing the yearly pro level, but in 2020 I saw my business take a significant dip, and I am stretched so thin in 2021. It is only $96 to renew, and if I get enough, I will, of course, renew and keep adding new writers, but the decline is February 1st. I should have been more vigilant in reaching out.

I am close to reaching the goal of a few more people reach out we can hit the goal.

Buy Me A Coffee

With that said, there is The Bipolar Writer Podcast is starting to take off, a lot like The Bipolar Writer blog did in 2017, and I now can share the stories of those in the community alongside my own journey as I continue to grow on my own journey. I look forward to my major two-year book project and documentary, The Many Faces and Voices of Mental Illness. There is so much to do in 2021, and I am planting as many seeds as I can to do more mental health advocacy work. Perhaps we can raise the money in time, or I will find a way. There is a possibility that I will be unable to, but it might spell the end for the blog. Who knows what will happen!

I have always relied on the community, and they have relied on me. The button above takes me to my buy me a coffee page. It doesn’t take a lot to hit our goal, and becoming a one time supporter or a member would mean the world to me.

If this is my last goodbye, then thank you my followers for everything and the joy that you have brought to me over the years. 2017-2021 was great for The Bipolar Writer blog and for James Edgar Skye.

My Life Coaching Experience Part One in the Life Coaching Experience Series The Bipolar Writer Podcast

Episode Description The episode is part one, and the first series on The Bipolar Writer Podcast called My Life Coaching Experience. In this episode, I discuss why life coaching with Kim Johnson and Grounds For Clarity LLC is for everyone. I also discuss my experiences that began from my weekend retreat, having that one conversation with Kim, committing to a four-month-long life coaching journey, investing in myself and my first two weeks.   If you are looking for all things James Edgar Skye, you can find his social media visiting The Bipolar Writer Podcast is listener-supported, and for as little as $5 a month, you can help support the mental health advocacy that I do by visiting Please help this podcast grow by sharing with friends or anyone that you think will benefit from the experiences of others and myself. You can also find me on the following websites You can also find me on the following websites to book your interview, ask questions, and reach out to me. Purchase my books at: — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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Always Keep Fighting.

What is the worst that can happen?

James Edgar Skye

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19 Replies to “This Might be the End of The Bipolar Writer Blog”

    1. It’s not something I want to do. It’s something that I can’t afford given the climate. But there might be some hope. At least one person has reached out and I might meet my goal if more reach out.

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  1. Right now I have money tied up in getting my studio up and running so I can make better podcast episodes. I have my business and I am starting an LLC so money is tied up there as well. With the pandemic my business is not doing as well but I am getting by. I’d love for this blog to go another year if I can get the support. I did have someone help so the goal is getting there, now it’s just if the community would like the blog to continue or not. I would love for it to continue to reach people. At the same time I have my platforms.

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  2. is my new blog I just started and is also about mental health. I was wondering what you meant about other writers using your blog as a platform..

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    1. You can add different levels of people to your blog. The lowest two being contributor and author. Look up on Google or your search engine of choice WordPress user roles. It’s really easy to add people, you just need their email that they use for their WordPress. Down below on my main page you will see in the third column all the people that write for the blog.

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    1. I am hoping too Brie. I am getting closer. Still need a few people to reach out. I’d like to keep it for another year. If I wasn’t struggling financially I would okay.

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