About J.E. Skye

James Edgar Skye is a native of Salinas, California. He was diagnosed with Bipolar One disorder in 2007, and his journey with this disease heavily influences his writing. His love for writing and his experience with Bipolar one helped create the moniker and his brand “The Bipolar Writer.”

J.E. considers himself a young adult/adult fiction novelist but he also writes screenplays and non-fiction. He writes within the romance, drama, and fantasy fiction genres in his novels and screenplays. J.E. has written a screenplay entitled Memory of Shane and is working on a book of the same name. James is also writing a short novella entitled Angel on the Ward with its completion in April of 2019.

J.E. graduated summa cum laude in 2018 from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing with a specialization in fiction (minoring in journalism, screenwriting, and political science). In 2018, James started down the path of completing my MFA in English and Creative Writing with the hope of completion in 2020.

In his spare time, when he is not writing fiction, J.E. likes writes small blog articles that chronicle his issues relating to his mental illness like anxiety, depression, social anxiety, insomnia, and suicide. He plans on combining these articles and is writing a memoir on his experiences entitled The Bipolar Writer, the first draft was finished in Spring 2018, with the hope of completion for publication in May of 2019 or that summer.

J.E. is a coffee addict and spends most of his time in coffee shops writing. He also loves Japanese culture including anime, foods like sushi/sashimi, and he loves Korean pop.  In his spare time, he plays role-playing video games to cope with his depression. Music is a significant part of how J.E. deals with depression and anxiety. In 2018, J.E. is learning to speak Korean. He also loves to watch sports and actively roots for the Dodgers, Broncos, Lakers, and Alabama football.


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  1. Thanks for checking out the latest chapter of “Blue Cottage”. I just read “About J.E. Skye” and about tackle the letter you wrote to yourself. Oh BTW, the character Peter has throat cancer. He’s about to undergo radiation therapy. Just like I did two and a half years ago. I can only write about the experience now. 2.5 years cancer free.

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