I’m a mental health blogger, an aspiring researcher with hopes to become a mental health clinician soon. I’m a born again Christian, and a coffee snob. Currently an undergraduate psych major at the U of Houston.


This is something that I’ve been struggling since I’ve hit my “bottom” after my depressive episode last summer. I don’t think I really understood what it meant to be hopeless … Continue reading Hope

What came first?

It’s been almost my life long dream to become a mental health clinician. I dreamt of being a psychotherapist for a long time and it was quite a journey to … Continue reading What came first?

FOMO of 2018

In the past few days, I’ve been trying to avoid getting on social media. Why? Because of FOMO (aka. Fear of missing out). Posts after posts, everyone was posting how … Continue reading FOMO of 2018

To My Fellow OCD-er

I came across an interview NPR conducted with John Green about his new book, which was based on his own experience with OCD. I learned that John Green has been … Continue reading To My Fellow OCD-er

Surviving the Holiday Season

As I am back in my hometown to be with my family during this holiday season, there is so much laughter, joy but also unwanted questions coming towards my way. … Continue reading Surviving the Holiday Season

I am too attached

I associated the word “attachment” as someone who is clingy, annoying and who has “issues” that they couldn’t resolve in the past – Until this year. I get attached to … Continue reading I am too attached

I feel protective over my “enemies”

I feel like a hypocrite writing this post. Few weeks back, I wrote about how I do not want to be treated “special” because I suffer from a “rare” mental … Continue reading I feel protective over my “enemies”

Dear OCD…

Dear OCD Hi there. You’ve been a part of me for so many years. I did not realize you were with me until I officially got introduced to you in … Continue reading Dear OCD…

I suffer with OCD. I’m special?

I suffer with OCD. I’m special? When I tell people that I’m on a psychiatric medication, people of course ask “For what?” The moment I tell them OCD, I see … Continue reading I suffer with OCD. I’m special?

I’m too comfortable talking about suicide

While there has been a big push to be more open about mental health, suicide, self-harm – so that people can actively seek help, I feel like I’ve already gone … Continue reading I’m too comfortable talking about suicide

Dear Me…

Dear me. Hey you. Lift your head up. Don’t be scared. It’s me. This is me, writing a letter to you after winning the hardest battle, and still fighting strong. … Continue reading Dear Me…