I am a stay-at-home housewife due to multiple health reasons. I have plenty of experience with a lot of different areas due to that. I would love to share them with you in the hope that maybe you can learn more about what you deal with, have someone that understands your questions, and have a place where you can purchase products related to the cause knowing they are a trusted recommendation.


I’ve entered a stage in my relationship where we are working on reconciliation. Wow, that is a tough word. It’s long, hard to spell, and extremely difficult to do. Where … Continue reading Reconciliation

The Penguin and I

Photo by Teodor Bjerrang on Unsplash The other night I was watching a documentary called Encounters at the End of the World from 2007. It was about filmmaker Werner Herzog and his journey … Continue reading The Penguin and I

Living With The Pain Of Rejection

Emotional Pain Of Rejection So far my posts have, for the most part, about been about chronic physical pain rather than emotional pain. The title of my site is meant … Continue reading Living With The Pain Of Rejection