'Eve', the author, discusses mental health issues from a personal perspective. Blogging allows her to connect with others on a level of understanding with compassion. She searches for the words to aptly describe her experiences as a bipolar mom, daughter, sister, and friend. Choosing not to be defined by her co-occurring illnesses, she has created her own "niche" in the blogging world as so not to be boxed in. An Unconventional Lifestyle Blog allows her freedom to discuss a number of topics that culminate to bring forward her multifaceted personality. Using this platform she explores avenues that lead to her betterment and contribute to her growth.

Societal Genocide

A society screaming for acceptance Sits judging the alcoholic mom Religious people condemn others to hell As Priests rape innocent, God-fearing boys Promoting originality and authenticity Forgetting to disclose an … Continue reading Societal Genocide

It’s Time I Fly

Persistent I focus on growth, you cannot help but complain. Much of my life, it’s been the same. Never enough Or the wrong time, Too much, too soon. You find … Continue reading It’s Time I Fly

Meant to Be

For his attention She fight Without his approval Her dreams would not catch flight Self-sabotaging rendered her insane Poison flowed through her veins Risking a life she could not love … Continue reading Meant to Be