S1 EP 16 The Bipolar Writer Podcast Interview with Jessica

Learning how to find balance in life and especially managing our virtual life nowadays is vital for our mental health & overall wellbeing since it can be so time-consuming. I also feature a remarkable collection of stories from amazing & brave women called “Her story.” This collective brings a voice to women of color that share their personal life experiences with me & the world. This ongoing project holds great sentimental value with me & it’s an honor to be part of it.

S1 Episode 15 of The Bipolar Writer Podcast

I wanted to share my experiences as James Edgar Skye with the ups, the downs, even the negatives and positives of life. I shared what I went through, which was a lot in 2020, with my mother’s loss in December 2019, and it changed my world.

The Bipolar Writer Podcast Season 0 Episode 2

These episodes, unlike the other episodes, these are not as structured. I like these, and I always post them right after recording them, so I do not have the chance to focus too much on editing or what I said. It is about living wholly in the moment and the now. I hope you enjoy!

S1 EP 14 The Bipolar Writer Podcast – Isami Interview

I am honored to share the story of fellow mental health advocate, Isami. I have known Isami, followed her work, and worked with her before. It is incredible to see how she has grown within her mental illness journey since I met her in 2017.

The Bipolar Writer Podcast

The outpour of listeners and interviewees has been tremendous. I want to continue that momentum for the rest of the year. For the latest episodes, look up The Bipolar Writer Podcast on places like Spotify and Apple Podcast or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Support for The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Advocacy & Writing

I am dependent on the mental health advocacy side for the Podcast and blog to be “listener and reader supported.” As much as I hate to reach out, it always helps when the support comes from the community because it shows that the platforms that I have are essential, like The Bipolar Writer Podcast and The Bipolar Writer blog.

The Bipolar Writer Podcast Episode Ten – Interview of Yun From Malaysia

It is my honor to share the first international episode of The Bipolar Writer Podcast. I want to welcome Yun all the way from Malaysia!

The Bipolar Writer Episode Six

Excitement always comes to mind when it comes to sharing the latest episode of The Bipolar Writer Podcast. I have to admit that it has been so impressive that all the people who have become listeners in the short time the podcast has been live.

The Bipolar Writer Podcast

There was a lot of fear in making the leap. One, I hate my voice, and the ego was telling me that I had nothing interesting to say, and I was listening. Needless to say, months went by, and in truth, lately, I was dealing with the aftermath of my last suicide plan and my issues with depression but that is an immaterial thing because they were just excuses to not do the podcast.