Mission Statement

‪My Mission Statement

Welcome to the collaborative mental health blog run by The Bipolar Writer.

This blog is multifunctional. I will use it to advertise my brand, the types of literary works that I am writing as J.E. Skye, and of course my blog that chronicles my experiences with Bipolar One disorder. The other side of this is my family of contributor writers that share their own experiences with mental illness.

I write young adult & adult fiction, and adult fantasy fiction in novels and screenplays. I write mostly within the romance and drama genres (think The Fault in Our Stars.) I’m also published a non-fiction memoir about my life with mental illness called The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir.

My goals are simple. I want to use this blog to help people because of this fact:

“Half of all chronic mental illness begins by age 14; three-quarters by age 24. Despite effective treatment, there are long delays—sometimes decades—between the first appearance of symptoms and when people get help.” (Source: National Alliance on Mental Health)

In sharing my own experiences and my writing, if I can help just one person, then it makes it worth it to write my content. When I first struggled with depression and suicide I was just about fourteen. I never really knew what was wrong with me, until a suicide attempt landed me in the hospital at Twenty-two years old.

I really look forward to connecting with real people in my work. More about me in the “About” section of my blog.

J.E. Skye

P.S. If you have time, please purchase my book. You can find it on Amazon by looking up my pen name James Edgar Skye. The name of the book is The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir. It is available in print and Kindle edition. Thank you for your support. I will also link my Amazon page below.


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25 Replies to “Mission Statement”

  1. Welcome to Virtual vitamins. I have dealt with a lot of mental/emotional problems in a wide variety of people at various distances from me, relationally and physically. I tell my students (I teach Medical English in Japan) that many of the most creative people in history have been bipolar, including Handel. May my words be a blessing and encouragement to you.

  2. Hi James. I read through your bio and am looking forward to reading more. My childhood was the result of a biopolar father, who was the result of his bipolar father. However, I continue to work with my history of depression through mediation. I found that is looking at my mind again and again, over many, many years I started to make friends with myself. Here’s the site I use. https://learning.tergar.org/

  3. Your struggle is monumental… each of us is fighting a personal battle… and most of the time against/to find our freedom from ourselves….

  4. Wow, 14 was exactly when I started first to struggle, a bit bulimia, some self-harm, suicidal, just dark and confused. I always put it down to teenage hormones… only looking back now do I see the pattern that has always been there. The constant ups and downs, sometimes worse, sometimes better. I’m a week away from my first psychiatrist appointment. No idea where to start explaining myself….fingers crossed I will finally get some answers.

    You are writing really clearly, it is insightful and I can relate. Thank you for sharing!

  5. You have a beautiful blog, both the writing in it and the presentation. Your format invites the reader to explore more and more of your posts. Your visuals are stunning. You clearly are an artist. I am just starting my blog, and for now my words are about all I have to offer. I’m pleased you liked my post. I hope you will continue to follow my blog, as I will yours. Nameste.

  6. WOW. This blog is really amazing and it seems like our stories have similarities in that I first realized I had depression when I was twelve and I attempted suicide when I was 19. I actually just made a blog post about my struggles with getting the help I needed. Your mission is really inspiring and I wish you all your luck in being successful with it 🙂

  7. Thank you for this blog, I appreciate that it feels like a “safe place”. I’m sorry for your personal suffering–and the far too many members (including myself) of a club no one would happily join. God bless you.

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