Memory of Shane

My screenplay Memory of Shane was completed this year and I am working towards the completion of the novel by the same name. Here is the logline:

Logline: A young college student falls in love with a struggling writer, but when his problems with depression become a threat to her future, she must decide if love is enough.

Setting: Seattle, Washington

If you have any interest, please feel free to contact me through my site.


Upgrading The Bipolar Writer Blog to Business

I am looking to expand The Bipolar Writer blog to new territories that include having the blog sell books for other artists (if I can make everything work). I am also looking to sell my own book here on my blog. I hate asking for donations but I have to do what I can.


Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash


5 Replies to “Memory of Shane”

  1. Sounds like a beautiful and heart-wrenching story. Just one question, is the young college student the male or female?
    I’m going to head over to the novel to see how the story is going so far 🙂

      1. yes that is the first and most important step for sure. Wishing you the best! Keep us posted. Boy that is a big move, takes courage.

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