Leigh’s Interview Feature

Here is another interview feature, this time Leigh’s. Please read this one and all the others as I repost all of the interview series. I hope to write a book … Continue reading Leigh’s Interview Feature


Tony’s Interview Feature

Here is another interview, this time Tony. Please read and also look for the other interviews that will go live this month of April. Become a Patron! Tony’s Interview Feature … Continue reading Tony’s Interview Feature

A Guest Blog Post

Today I am sharing a guest post from a fellow mental health blogger named Nikki, she asked that I share a post for her. You can find Nikki on her … Continue reading A Guest Blog Post

Mental Health Free Resources

I am a writer in Ireland raising national and international awareness of mood disorders. Part of my support is to offer sites free books. Please find attached a free ebook for your website. I hope that you can publish and share this as it took many years for me to overcome the stigma and share my writing the most important thing for me now is to inspire others.

Today the weather is Bipolar?

As much as I want to destigmatize mental illness I also want to be completely transparent with you all and I’m afraid my transparency may only fuel the fire. The … Continue reading Today the weather is Bipolar?

You don’t understand my mental illness and that’s OK

Here goes nothing. I think all too often we forget that empathy and understanding are not synonymous. There is nothing more offensive and nothing that minimizes a mental illness more … Continue reading You don’t understand my mental illness and that’s OK