Paying the Bills in This Bipolar Life

Paying bill no matter what is a major part of being an adult even with a mental illness. Mental health suffers can struggle to either maintain their current jobs or to find one that will fit your mental illness. In my own journey, I have spent a good part of the last ten years unable to hold down a job or even work.


Publishing my Memoir

I haven’t done an update on my memoir The Bipolar Writer in a while. I am almost organized with my first official draft. I wrote every chapter out-of-order and I … Continue reading Publishing my Memoir

When Perfection Get’s me in Trouble

I often struggle with the need to be perfect in everything that I do in life. My blog has to be perfect. Everything has its place and every blog post … Continue reading When Perfection Get’s me in Trouble

Day 16: My Motivation of 2018 – So Far

My Motivation of 2018 It’s been a great start to my year. I am working towards small and big goals. Each day I get a chance to check off things … Continue reading Day 16: My Motivation of 2018 – So Far