How Do I Get My Friend Help?

I’m in a rather crisis situation with a friend I have known since we were little girls. I’m not even sure where to begin. We are both in our early … Continue reading How Do I Get My Friend Help?


Please Forgive Me.

Please forgive me for the things I said And for the things I didn’t Forgive me for the outbursts For the door slams For the silent treatment Forgive me for … Continue reading Please Forgive Me.

Bumps in the Night.

You know when you are home alone, and every little noise will freak you out? This was not that. I have had this happen. When I was younger, I couldn’t … Continue reading Bumps in the Night.

The Surging Ebb and Flow of my Mood Swings

One day I feel overly depressed and fail to get out of bed. The next day I am manic, and I can write the next great American novel.

My Recent Mania – This Bipolar Life

Yesterday was the worst of it. My concentration was wavering since the moment I opened my eyes. I tried to write about one idea, and it failed. I quickly switched to another to no avail. I thought, okay James, let’s play a video game. That lasted about two minutes. Maybe it was the game? Nope.

How Did I Get Here?

10 years. It still hasn’t sunk in. To the start of another ten-year journey. Today marks my official anniversary date of my first time attempting suicide. It feels so surreal. … Continue reading How Did I Get Here?

The Feeling of Loneliness​ ​

I am usually okay with being alone in my life. It suits my personality being an introverted writer, and for most of this year being alone was not an issue. … Continue reading The Feeling of Loneliness​ ​